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Always being considered 'non conforming' to narrow South Asian beauty standards, from a young age Trish had a hard time finding high end luxury outfits in her size and a flattering style. She found wedding shopping overwhelming, particularly in the search for her bridalwear, which made her more determined to help improve the bridal experience, and to do so while maintaining the ethos of body confidence for all.

As well being an advocate for body confidence and positivity, Trish has always loved Asian wear in all its forms, from South Indian and Pakistani, to Bengali and Punjabi attire. She loves how a woman can transform into a regal beauty with couture made just for them.

Trish prides herself on high quality customer service as your bridalwear is one of the most important outfits you'll ever buy, so you should get the luxury experience you deserve. With your bridal and non-bridal couture, you'll work with Trish to create the outfit of your dreams and be part of the process every step of the way. 

At Trish Kaur Couture we believe in key statement pieces that are classic and wearable. Contemporary couture that will stand the test of time, that can be repurposed and re-worked into many different ensembles for years to come, finally being passed down. Fashion should not be fast, throwaway or short-lived.

Bridal and occasion wear is hand embroidered by our skilled artisans in India - keeping generational traditions alive and providing a source of income for these highly skilled individuals

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